Windows Administration

I have many years of Windows administration under my belt, and am MCITP certified in several areas. Most of my experience is with Active Directory, Hyper-V, Exchange, SCCM, DPM, and general file/print sharing and management.

Network Administration

I have experience with many network devices, including HP Procurve switches, Cisco routers, WAPs, and ASA devices, NAS/SAN devices, and many different makes and models of printers, scanners, copiers, etc. I spent a good portion of the first few years of my career running and terminating Cat5E/6 network cable in factories and office spaces. I take great pride in having clean, properly labelled and well thought-out wiring and server racks.

Linux Administration

I got my start with Linux when I installed the SmoothWall Express firewall on an old computer laying around the house. I have experience administering Apache, and Squid, and am familiar with MySQL, among many other packages. I've used several different distributions in the past, including Arch, Debian, Fedora, and RedHat.


I've been in the IT field for over thirteen years am currently an IT administrator at DLZ Corporation in South Bend, IN. My areas of responsibility include managing and administering Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Open Monitoring Distribution (OMD), a Linux-based integrated toolkit for host and service health monitoring. I am also in charge of Airwatch MDM and Mimecast antispam and message archiving solutions. Additionally, I manage our LanSweeper installation, a web-based network inventory software used primarily by the IT department.

When I remove my IT hat after-hours, I enjoy backyard barbecues, spending time with my wife and son, disc golf, playing cards, and watching hockey,
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“One Fell Swoop” User Disablement Script

In an effort to make user terminations and layoff as simple as possible, I wrote an Exchange Powershell script to do all the important tasks. My script does the following: Moves the account to the “Inactive Users” OU (We never delete user accounts once created…) Sets the description attribute of the AD account to “NoSearch” […]

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